Update on me ;-)

Hi, Y’all. Sorry sometimes I forget to write when I’m doing good. I wanted to share with y’all some of the good thing’s that happened in the last couple of months :slight_smile: With my job that I love. I am moving up to team leader. I will not be running shift’s. I will be in charge of training. A few month’s ago I had set down with my new GM and my old GM that will be taking over a new store when they finish it. And had a metting that I called for after I was sent to buddy training. In that netting we talked about what I wanted to do. And I told them I wanted team leader so I could train people. Without having them questioning why I was telling them to go do something. I love training people. So, both GM’s where just smiling and gave my exactly what I was asking for. I will be staying at the store that I’m at right now. So, I can move into team leader in the store I know. Then after about 4-6 months I will look at going to the new store with my old GM. They wanted me to go now when the store opens. But they understand it’s safer for me not to go just yet. Also the 8th and the 9th I drove to Austin which is about a hour or so drive from my job. For a servsafe class and test. It is the first time I have ever drove to Austin by myself. Also it was the longest drive I have done since I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. I was off two day’s before going. So, I got the van ready and made sure I had everything I needed. Then the day before I went over and spent time with my mom. I also just relaxed with my husband and kid’s. We talked about what was going to happen for the next two day’s. So, on the 8th I pulled up my GPS, turned on my Christmas music and took off. Anytime I needed to go slower I pulled be hind a big truck. It was earlier in the morning so I saw the sun raise. It was a very nice drive. I did a lot better then I thought I would. There where 4 other people that went to the class from my store. And they all drove together. One of my managers asked me why I didn’t ride with them? My response was. It was safer for me to drive by myself and be in control of the situation. Also how can I know what I can do if someone elas does it for me? Oh, the migraines are doing better. They are not coming as often and are not as strong as they where before. The narcolepsy is doing better right now too cause of not having as many migraines. I still have time’s I have to step away and take a nap. I had one a couple of week’s ago I was at work finishing up one more thing on perp. Then I had a few minutes to tell my GM I had to take a break, pull someone to finish what I was doing, grab my phone, breakout, have someone get me water, go to the table set down, tell the manager to let them know it’s ok and I will be back in 30min. Then I went to sleep for 25min. But everything that happened before I fell asleep was 3 minutes. It was enough time to fell it and then react. But anyway :slight_smile: that’s some of the thing’s that have been going on with me. I hope all of you know that you are never alone.

Wonderful Report!

Very happy for you and the way you are handling these challenges :-)

Take care and God Bless!


Lovely to hear some positive news. Fantastic!!! Hope this continues and have a great Christmas and a positive and happy New Year. God Bless