I Have Decided

My SSDI appeals hearing is this Thursday. I have decided that I have no control over the outcome and I offer the decision up to God. I know that I have a tendency to become depressed over situations like my brother's untimely death, worrying over finances, the dreary weather, etc. I have decided to reject these thoughts and focus on what is good in my life. I have a loving, supportive husband and three great children. I want to enjoy every day by doing something creative or helping others by sharing my experiences. I just finished reading a book named 25 Years in the Desert by Mary A. McDermott, Ph.D. This book has helped me focus my meditations on what is really important in this life: my relationship with God, nature, and the universe. I strongly recommend anyone who is searching for answers to why we struggle here on earth to read it. (you can find it on Amazon) All of the great religions have something to teach us on how to live a life with integrity, peace, joy, and spirituality. I have decided to embrace my life as it is. Perhaps, this book will help you, too.


How did the SSDI hearing go? I hope that it went well for you. It is impossible for some people to realize how greatly narcolepsy can affect your life.

Until you live it it's very hard to understand. I've found it very helpful to accept my reality, do what I can each day and not worry about what other people think or understand. This was not an easy point to reach or do. And, sometimes when I know I have to lay down to sleep - again I have to accept this is my reality and just do it.

Sometimes a little humor goes a long way. Friends and family who phone me will often be greeted "good morning" no matter what time of day it is - it's a way for me to communicate I live a different life and put a smile on my face.

Bravely face reality and find some good in it to be thankful for...


I was approved for SSDI. I am allowed to drive short distances. (In other words, the judge did not revoke my license.) This gives me more freedom than most narcoleptics. But, I think he judged that I wouldn't put myself or others in harms way by driving without the additional sleep and medicine I need to function. Accepting the reality of the situation is the only way to cope -- you are exactly right there. A sense of humor definitely helps, too! I hope you are doing well and coping as best you can.