Update on me. part 1

Hi, y’all :slight_smile: first let me say welcome to all the new one’s that have found this site :slight_smile: and also remind all of us. You are not alone :wink: ok a lot has been going on since my last post. I saw my new headache doctor on 8-14-2015. I took my 9 year old daughter with me. And I’m sooo glad I did! We had to go on the elevator to the 5th floor. I’m normally ok as long as we go stirght to the floor I need. But there where other people on this time. So, had to stop on 3rd and 4th floor lol by the time we got to the 5th floor. We got off and I had to just stand there before I could move. I was so dizzy and disoriented. It was kind of funny but it also worried my daughter. Cause she was not fully understanding the feeling. So, when we left she stood in the middle of the elevator. Where I could also catch her… She closed her eye’s all the way down and when we went to get off. She almost lost her footing and was dizzy. The reason she did that is she wanted to feel what I felt. Ok back to what happened with the doctor :slight_smile: so, the migraine medicin, pain medicine I was taking. Plus the no-doze I was starting to try. Which where over the counter. I’m no longer allowed to use. One the pain medicine was not strong enough to do anything. Two the migrain medicine has caffeine. Three the no-doze did nothing but to make me shaky. Also she knocked me down to 32oz of caffeine a day. On top of that I started a new med for the migraine side that I take each day. Plus cq-10 and magnesium. Then as needed prescription Ibuprofen and two other’s when it gets really bad.

My migraine doctor made changes fairly slowly but because it's her specialty and I needed help I tried to follow the recommendations closely. I'm finally getting fewer headaches. I wish you patience! Stress management is important, too.

Managing more than one illness at a time isn't uncommon, but it is not easy. I'm glad you've found some success. Good luck!

How's it going?

It’s going pretty good. I have only had two really bad migraines in the past month and Still getting the small one’s but not everyday :slight_smile: I had one day last week at the end of my shift. When the narcolepsy hit me. Thank goodness I had enough warning Form my body. So I was able to get one of the guy’s I work with to help me to the set. Then I was asleep long enough for my manager to count down my register. Then I rested and drove home. I now have very little caffeine maybe chocolate her and there. But I noticed I don’t want caffeine anymore lol