Update on me

It’s been sometime since I’ve been able to write in here. I hope y’all are doing as great as you can for you each day​:smile_cat:. I have been busy with work, family and doctors. With work as of yesterday I will be moving up to “team leader trainer in two weeks!!” I am so happy! :smiley_cat: It’s been something that should have happened in December of last year. But as I tell people things happen when they need to. Also in the last two months I was in the ER. I was dehydrated and had vertigo. So, to find the cuse of the vertigo I had a hearing test. Then saw the ENT and found out I have “M.A.V.” known as migraine associated vertigo. See we had gotten the pain under control with the chronic migraines. So, my body said let’s try this lol :smile_cat:. The ENT doctor has set me up for a MRI on the 6th which is this Tuesday. She wants to confirm what they know and also make sure nothing else is going on. To say the less… I’m like ok bring it on! Then I’m like ok where is the exit can someone go do this for me? I know it will be ok. Cause I am stronger than what some people think I am. So, I’m going to close this by saying… I have some pretty bad days where my body says not today and I just want to cry. I also have ok days where hey you can do this much and no more. Then I have days where I can run around people and just have fun. Hope for each day, Rachel

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Congratulations, Rachel! That is fantastic news. I’d be doing a happy dance for you if I could (but I can’t, cuz my disease has wrecked too many joints).
Stay strong!
Sending you best wishes for success,
Seenie from ModSupport