Update on me. part 2

So, with the change’s I have not had as many migraines :slight_smile: but with the lack of caffeine. Even with what I was drinking on a day to day bass. I started to notice I was getting very sleepy. So, I sent a email to my doctor I see for the narcolepsy side. And she had me start adderall. So, I started it on Friday when I was off from work. I did pretty well with it. But then again I didn’t do a lot of moving around :slight_smile: then Saturday I went to work. I was just alright… Was starting my day as always had my hamburger and my kid soda. Before starting work the soda I was only sipping and didn’t even finish a quarter of it. Maybe after a hour of me starting work. I started getting a little jumpy and was having to try to settle on what I was doing. I quickly understood that I had to get water and get rid of the soda. So, one of my team leader’s followed me to the back. Cause he knew I was not ok. I told him how I felt and what I was going to try doing. I had him throw away the soda and told him to make sure I keep drinking water. I then went to the office to let the manager know how I was feeling. She knew I started the med the day before. It was a interesting day lol but it also went very well. I had also talked with the other manager that was up front with me. So, he would know how I was doing and could keep a eye on me. Sunday went very well I was able to handle the med a little better at work. So, since starting this I have had maybe two small drink’s of Dr pepper and feel like I can’t get enough water. Now the part that I’m now having to look at is what happened last night at home. I was playing on my phone on my bed next to my husband. The kid’s where playing, watching TV and going back and forth to r room. I had been telling them each time they came in here to just go play or watch TV. Then in a bit I would make dinner. My son ended up at the end of r bed playing with the dog and my daughter ended up laying beside me. All of sudden it was like a switch flipped. Where I had to get away from them. I went to the living room and set in my chair. I wanted my kid’s and needed my space at the same time. They didn’t understand what happened. They came to the living room and I made them set on the other side of the room. Then after maybe 3min I had them set in the chair’s next to me. A little after that I was able to handle them talking with me and at bedtime I had to tell them I was sorry. My husband said it was like in a moment it felt like I was running from myself. I’m rethinking it so it won’t happen again. If y’all have any idea’s? Thank u for reading my long talk :wink: I hope it will help y’all too :slight_smile:

Starting a new medication is usually a mix of positives and negatives, and it takes awhile (different for everyone) to tell if a person can adjust. Sometimes it's really awkward at first, sometimes no problem. If you ever have a reaction from a medication that feels bad to you, tell your doctor right away.

How's it going now?