Peaceful Message in a Crazy World

My sister wrote this poem. I hope you can feel the release of negativity and the beauty of this earth like I did when I read it.

I began with a thought of what is coming at me

email, phone, demands from the work a day world

then I thought of how the soldiers would shout “incoming” when they were being attacked and how all the information available today can feel assaulting

and then I thought how can I turn the incoming around to be peaceful opportunity and

thought of arrows flowing in my direction like good news floating in the wind

and how nature can fix so many things if we participate with her and her wisdom:


static information

negatively charged ions

constant prattle

I had forgotten

what a flower looks like

when the wind presses against it

calling it by name-friend

today I am standing here before you

but simultaneously

I am lying ear to the ground

in a field

listening to the earth

I had forgotten how to be in the world

but not of it

and now I know

when the lonely sets in

it is time for bare feet in sand-on grass

time for old friends

earth wind air sea


lit in me

lit in me


I am waiting on your arrival

I am swinging open the doors and windows

of my heart

wings and arrows

coming here-air mail

I am willing you

be carried by the wind

Bringing all that is good

to me