Beautiful day

It has been such a lovely day today, not something we get the chance to say that often in London UK. After a frosty night we had a perfect blue sky and not too hot. Do you find everything feels that little bit better when the sun shines?

Yes, and I am so glad it is a lovely day for you. :) Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?

Oh yes! I can open the curtains and windows!

I just caught the news. We have a 7 week old in the house and the TV hasn’t been on for weeks. Sorry to realise that in the US you have been having not just bad but dangerous weather. I hope it settles down soon.

In Florida, it is beautiful again. I'm not sure about everywhere else.

Oh great! Back to usual over here. Don’t leave the house without an umbrella.

It's beautiful here in Maryland and the rain is gone. The birds have a frenzy outside my window daily. I feel like I'm in a nature park.

How lovely Memedawn. We miss out on bird life in a big city and birds are one of the things I love about getting out into the countryside.

I am a birder, too. In my neighborhood white ibis walk down the sidewalks and are sometimes even in the roads. Occasionally you will run across a cattle egret or great egret standing in the middle of the shopping district. I still haven't gotten used to it.

Brought up in the countryside I took the birds completely for granted until my then 6 year old son became an avid birder and opened my eyes.

Have you been taught the obvious by your children?

My children enlightened me about insects, snakes, and frogs, but my husband brought the birds into my life. His parents were hippy-types, and they camped all over the country while he was growing up. Once we got a couple of pairs of bincoulars and field guide, I was hooked. Nothing makes me happier than seeing an oriole, an indigo bunting, or a yellow warbler in the spring. In Germany, recently, I got to see a white wagtail -- I wanted to dance, :)

That’s an early start Stephen. I love it on holiday; camping in Australia was amazing. Here we might get one solitary blackbird singing his heart out.

I have to say the white ibis and the white and cattle egret are beautiful birds. I haven't seen them in my area, but they are common in my state in the areas that are closer to water and less people. I'm in the suburbs, but surrounded by lots of trees, parks, and we have ponds even by the mall between a park. I know how you feel Nel. When I briefly lived in NYC I longed for nature. I couldn't imagine living there forever with very little green. I would like to see a loon or pelican. I know they are also in Maryland.

When I thought I was teaching my son something about wildlife, he turned out to be the genius. He turned me on to wildlife as we watched the animal planet and he studied animals a lot. He has a memory like a sponge that he recalls details that I can't even fathom. But I have to say that I do love those moments with him. I just let him run the show. He's 21 and still informs me.

I can remember when I thought mourning dove calls were owls, Stephen -- lol. Memedawn, my home is not too far from you, in Silver Spring. Your son sounds wonderful. I love it when our kids teach us about the world. :)

I love loons too. We visited friends in International Falls Minnesota and they loaded us into canoes and off we went Wilderness camping with five small children. We saw eagles, heard loons and had a bear sniffing around our tents one night! Such excitement for a family of English townies. Now that I can’t go anywhere much I live off those kinds of wonderful memories.

Dancermom, you are close to me! I'm in Laurel. Yes, my son can show that wonderful side...when he wants to lol. That camping trip sounded like loads of fun, Nel. I remember going camping with my school and it was an experience I will never forget. I want to canoe again. Although, unlike my sister's, I have not ridden a horse. The last chance I had at horseback riding was when I was 6 months pregnant with my son and that was definitely a no-go. My father was once invited by a friend to their camping site and he was told to bring his family. When we went it was so exciting. They had a RV and a tent (it was more of a luxury camping trip). We went hiking and took in the scenery. We also saw a pond of jellyfish. That was scary and exciting all at once. Our dad is not much of an outdoors type of guy except when it comes to work in his yard and working on cars. So when we begged to go on our own camping trip, you can pretty much guess what the answer was. But we still have the memories. I just pray I can do something like that with my son before either one of us departs.

Memedawn, I hope you get that chance too. Before my kids got married and had their own families I was fortunate to go on holiday with each one of them separately, hard work for them as they sometimes had to push me up hills and carry my backpack as well as their own. Precious memories and now there are grandchildren and I am making still more precious memories.

That beautiful Nel and thank you. I'm going to hold on to that.

There's nothing like a beautiful blue sky, a forest full of bird life and sounds and a lake with mama and daddy geese guiding their little ones around. Geese are probably the noisiest birds at the lake but I can't help but smile when I see the whole family out for an outing! The babies are so cute! I recently saw the largest woodpecker I have ever seen in my life. At first, I thought a rooster had gotten loose from one of the farms around the area. It was GIGANTIC! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera handy. Saw my first hummingbird the other day, but they won't be coming 'round to feed until later in the year. Spring and Summer are my best times of the year!