Like you and Me, Ups and Downs

I'm inspired by everyone in this group! Thanks for helping me heal. I cannot work, but a few years ago I was much worse off. I had tried so hard to be like others with part-time work and school, and before that raising my sons while working. My willfulness helped and hurt. I was exhausted, depressed and in pain, my resources depleted. It took a long time but life is looking familiar now :) and days are normal enough that I can do things when other people are also awake and get to most appointments on time. I'm well, but still different.

Your stories never get old. Re-post or add a discussion, let us know how you're doing. We all know how tough it can be. Sometimes I have something to celebrate :) They're mini-celebrations, and they keep me going. Feel free to share here or start your own.

Carol, good to hear that you are feeling better. I take lots of meds and have a couple of different diseases......

I started a "Good Day" Journal. When I had a few very good days I might draw as well.

Whenever I am having bad flares or other serious issues it helps my MOOD to read and remember that,

"This Too Shall Pass". Some things for me are not curable, but I am going to live my life to the fullest

for as long as I can. Thinking about other people and either doing something for them or make them smile

always lifts my, calls, volunteering, singing, etc.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a good day and welcome to the group.



Helena, I like your suggestions! I saw a wonderful art show yesterday. There were watercolor sketchbooks in a display case. The books were journal size. They inspired me and if I don't go downstairs for a sketchbook right now I might forget to start one.... :)

Yesterday something upset me in the afternoon, but when I remembered what I did in the morning my mood changed for the better. The Good Day journal would be a wonderful way to remember the happy and inspiring moments. I use a planner, and I can make notes about them there. Looking back I'll find I managed to really appreciate and enjoy life :). What a treat!

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Dear Helena/Carol,

I really appreciate your efforts to keep yourself awake n happy.
Did you ppl notice that we are really good at forgetting and forgiving. Dont know whether God has gifted us with this ability. I noticed that i can swing my moods easily from sad to happy just by hearing a good music or by having a food that i love. I have seen ppl struggling to survive thinking about their past and getting into depression stage. Do you agree that we are lucky enough to be happy always…?

I think we have the ability to enjoy each moment we are alert, and not to worry about the interruptions of sleep. It takes self-acceptance and practicing a healthy way of living and thinking. For me that has taken some effort but the happiness is truly a gift!