A Metaphor Dream

I don't know what your political affiliations are and I strongly support the democratic principles that allow each individual the ability to vote their conscience for the man or woman they believe will do the best job for the country. But, I had a dream the other night that chilled me to my core and left me wondering if our world, on this earth, on this planet will ever achieve peace and unity and respect for human rights. Here's the dream. I'm interested if you interpret it differently from me. You know how we narcoleptics can dream some amazingly epic "reality" dreams.

I was in a country like Iran or Afghanistan and there was a commotion in the market. I was with a group of CIA agents, journalists and police officers. The bad guys stole these “sacred” baskets from the marketplace and there was madness and confusion all around. Everyone was speaking in different languages. The policemen rounded up the bad guys and took them into custody. In the process, they also picked up innocent bystanders and children. Once I pointed out that many of the people in custody were innocent and not part of the terrorist robbery, the police officers let them go. I went back to some small apartment I had never seen before but I could sense that there was something amiss and that there was this feeling of foreboding disaster. I decided to take a shower and entered the bathroom only to find a young boy hung up on the back of the door, bloodied and dead. The terrorists were trying to send a message that they would not be stopped. As I held his lifeless body in my arms, crying, weeping — I woke up.

I believe I dreamed this horrible dream because all we have to do is watch the evening news to see how so many innocents are being murdered by these crazy terrorists and they won’t stop. That is why it is so important to support the cause of human rights all around the world. The presidential debates remind me why I support Barack Obama and his passion for thoughtful, careful change through empowerment and education of women and children. The innocents. The victims of terror by the hands of religious zealots who wish to impose their will on the people. It is so sad that their world’s a chaotic mess. Rushing in with our troops will not change anything. I also believe that Mitt Romney is a good man who loves his country and is willing to serve to the best of his ability. However, his vision for America, as far as I can see, is to employ the same "corporate raider" tactics he implemented as a private citizen to the US economy. Capitalism is a "part" of our history. Not the only thing we should aspire to. The social programs of FDR that have protected your parents and your disabled brothers or sisters or cousins can not be sacrificed in the name of economic growth. Paul Ryan is a "bean counter." I have encountered people like him in corporate America. They have no heart. They only see the numbers and sometimes the math doesn't add up. Okay. Off my soapbox now. But, this is America after all, and I believe I can have my say as long as I don't make a crusade out of it. :)

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