Day gone wrong

I had plans yesterday and got none of them done thanks to a family problem which blew up.

Do you often have days when all your plans get thrown up in the air and come back down all wrong?

Too frequently, Nel. Today I took my son to the passport office to renew his passport, and realized after waiting an hour that I was missing a photocopy of my husband's ID, so it was a fool's errand. It's amazing how the days can get away from us...

They do make us jump through hoops these days!

Long trip with crutch to hospital on public transport today but thankfully it is cool and drizzly. Better wet than hot. What could possibly go wrong;)

So glad you are able to get out and about now, Nel!

According to my family it is determination and foolhardiness over good sense! A taxi today would cost £60 and I could do lots of nice things with £60. For not much more I can get a year’s entrance to Kew Gardens, a world famous botanical garden. Or employ a gardener for 6 hours.
£60 is about $100. Anyone got a better idea?

60 pounds is absolutely crazy for a taxi. Kew Gardens is definitely a better use of funds. :)

Taxis into town are very expensive here and parking non-existent.

Today is a day gone very right! I had planned tidying, shopping and the iPad but instead have 5year old Sam for the day. Fun and games to keep me awake:)

Enjoy your grandson, Nel. :)

I know these days oh to well love. One thing "N" does is messes with your memory. I have a hard time remember things a lot of the time. I hate even more when I have micro sleeps and move things and have no clue where I put them because I was asleep when I did it!