This may be of interest. First time I came across it

Wonderful! Nel, thanks for posting this!!!!

A kind gentle person talking about narcolepsy and he mentions non drug methods of dealing with it :)


and we forgive them the typo in the title!
My daughter put together a photo book for her neices, my granddaughters, about their stay in London with us. She checked and checked that there were no mistakes and at the last minute the title page had a blank on it and she had to re-type the title. She sent three books off to Australia to the girls for Christmas, gave one to me and one to her brother and no-one noticed until it hit me a couple of days after the 25th that the title read “Our Trip To To London”:frowning: Problem solved with the purchase of a sheet of pink heart stickers so it now reads “Our Trip To <3 London” :)) A strip of stickers is presently on its way to Australia.