What brightens your day?

When each day is challenging, and wakefulness is difficult, what brightens your day? Your garden, a phone call to a friend, your puppy dog, your favorite TV show? Please share. For me, it is walking around the neighborhood checking out the flowers and the birds. Right now it is gardenia season in Tampa -- they smell heavenly.

My cats brighten my day when my husband isn't home.

I love my cats, too, Theredbelt. I have three of them. I confess I have a favorite -- my orange tabby, Fuji. She never got very large and is barely more than kitten-sized. I like to say she is "snack-sized."

Definitely sunshine and my garden, but emails and phone calls from family are always happy making. I can see the children coming home from school from my window, bouncing along telling their mums or dads their exciting news and that makes me smile. Being told there’s a meal on the table is good too. Always tastes so much better than if I cooked it.