Med, change success!

After taking Nuvigil 250 MG am and 1 Adderall noon for 3 yrs. unsuccessfully ..along w/Diet Cokesand ,

New med. change: 2 Provigil 100 MG and 1 Provigil 100MG at 1:00

I am no long worried that I will fall asleep in the afternoon while working, driving, etc.!

Thank God! Change is GOOD!

I wish each of you good health and success with your treatment of Narcolepsy..



That is really good news! I take 2 @ 200mg and am finding I don't make it through the entire afternoon. I'm going to ask the doc to up my dose to what you're doing and hope it works for me, too.

Again, congrats! And may you continue to do well!!!!

Provigil is a Class IV Controlled Substance so there are many doctors who won't write the scripts. It's been a nightmare for me since we moved to FLA. I have the opposite problem than most people -- my insurance approved 400 mg/day for a whole year but none of my docs will write the script.

I even had a problem at a CVS - the clerk and the pharmacist both informed me it's a controlled substance and they weren't willing to go to jail just so I'd have my meds when I went out of town on Day 89 of my 90 day bottle. Which is totally preposterous that's what they believe.

Can you please tell me about the change in classification? Maybe that'll help me get my doctor to cooperate.

From Helena. So sorry that the M. is not available to each of you. I have taken a sleep study and tried the Nuvigil for 3 yrs. My dr. was going to take my driver’s lic. away if this med. didn’t work…I fell asleep and rolled into a truck but didn’t do any damage & have been stopped for driving too slow. Every afternoon that I worked as a companion I fought sleep after 3:00!
The M. was going to cost over $700 a mo. Dr. had to resubmit the authorization twice and it was approved through Dec, 2015. I am so blessed and lucky because I also have Lupus which has progressed to needing Benlysta infusions mo. and BCBS wouldn’t pay BUT the company gave me prescription assistance of $9,000 for the yr. and then BCBS covered the rest. I also have Chronic Anemia which requires weekly Procrit shots ($1,000 ea.)! I have to pay 20% copay for this! I aldo hsve Sjhorne’s Synd. 24 pills per day plus chemo. shot wkly.
I just try to live each day fully and am so grateful for my family and the few friends that know.
Thank you for letting me vent. Good luck to each of you.
HOLD FAST. Peace, Helena.

I'm happy for you, Helena! When more than one health condition exists caution with meds is important. If you and your doctor are closely monitoring your treatment it certainly was time to try something new, and I'm glad the change has been positive!