Talkin' In My Sleep

One day, while I was still working as a safety specialist, I got on a conference call when I was clearly in that twilight phase —- half awake and half asleep. The region manager started talking about this issue we were working on and his voice just droned on and on. Before I knew it, he was asked me what I thought about the employee in question. I answered, “Isn’t that the guy who was in the candy store?” The other end of the phone went eerily quiet. I guess I woke myself up when I started speaking. I had just had a hallucination that I was talking to the employee in a candy store. I finally regained my composure and mumbled into the phone — “Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking of someone else.” All I could think of after that incident was —- Weird, weird girl. Everyone knows you are strange and weird and blurt out nonsensical words! That’s why you will never get promoted or earn more money or get out of this cubicle. Your are just too weird and unpredictable!