Is random normal?

Hello All,

I just realized I used ridiculous word “normal” :slight_smile:

So how about “common experiences”? Do any of you have these kind of common experiences?

…Headed to bed and a little afraid, because you never know how long, if, or what is, going to happen to you falling asleep, sleeping or waking up?

Last night, 2 vivid dreams at the same time, one wakes me up from the other. I think I might have slept 30-40 minutes. Oh well? I do know how the day is going to go. That’s why I have a driver to my appointment today.I couldn’t drive today if I wanted to.

There are a bunch of guys from a local church who act as the “motor pool” for my medical appointments for this very reason. Yes I can drive safely at times, but I can never predict on a certain “day” that I will be able to. They understand and help me with these appointments. I’ve passed out even in their cars on the way home from appointments.

Do any of you experience the “casino effect” dealing with your illness? Never knowing how your “sleeping” is going to be…?

This morning, I got up (turned off CPAP, take off wrist splints) and say “Oh well” this is the day ahead. Thank God I woke up, I’m still alive :slight_smile:

Sincerely a tired puppy,


PS: …in my appointment today with my counselor…oops, sorry I just passed out. Where were we? When I was working it was really odd, I’d pass out at the computer - out “cold”, very close to the time I had to get the staff ready to leave for the day…I never gave up, I plugged away every day the best I could.

Ranger -- I have experiences that are close to what you describe above. The crazy dreams, the dozing off, the paralysis. It's good that you are seeing a counselor. I have been to many counselors over the years and you can always pick up another "tool" for your toolbox of coping mechanisms. Mostly now, I rely on my meditation and prayer to bring me peace and understanding of the "big picture."