What is the silliest thing you have ever been asked or told about narcolepsy?

We all know there is a lot of misinformation out there about narcolepsy. And, we know that people who don't have narcolepsy may be full of opinions about your condition and things you should or shouldn't do. What is the silliest thing anyone has ever asked or told you about narcolepsy? Let's see if we can pick a winner.

I had a professor state that I must be a dope addict because of the name of narcolepsy.

Definitely a nutty professor, sleepy. :)

People think I am so lucky because I can fall asleep anywhere. Lucky me!

I was told by a judge that mine weight and IBM was a factor of the narcolepsy

I would be tempted to say it is not his jurisdiction, Mvanderlip... :)

mental mental. After son was DX with n/c we let his his counselor read the report. The counselor said if he admit to being mental ill he get better....

Wow, look at the trend here. It is the "experts" and people in authority who are making the biggest gaffes. More evidence that narcolepsy is not well understood. I hope this changes soon.

Similar to KitKat, but I often hear how lucky I am that I get to go to bed early and don't have to stay up late to get things done. Guess they can't do the math cuz what it really means is that I go to bed without getting things done.