Narcoleptics "Sleep" Around

The title of this post is a phrase I have seen around so many times in support groups as an icebreaker, kind of a way to lighten the mood about our condition. I mean if you really think about it, we literally do sleep around and we have no problem sleeping together.... RIGHT? LOL!

No seriously though, where is the strangest place you have ever fallen asleep?

I know for me, I have fallen asleep getting my blood drawn. I think I freaked out the nurse too lol.

I think so far the strangest place I ever fell asleep was in Canada's Wonderland. I was there for a year end Grade 8 trip and we were all supposed to meet at the bridge in the middle. I was like the first there and there was nobody there so I went and sat down in a store to the right of the bridge at a table and fell asleep. Lol

I suppose falling asleep while walking on the cold kitchen tiles to cool my feet is not terribly strange though my behaviour while asleep, turning out drawers and tipping over a cutlery tray and moving tins and jars around was very strange to find in the morning. I slept right through a Star
Wars film in the cinema. One moment I was wondering why the sound effects had to be so loud and the next minute I was being woken up to be told I had slept from start to finish.

I guess I am lucky that I don't fall asleep that often in unexpected places. I have fallen asleep in meetings though a few times or training's. I think the weirdest place though was probably at a kids birthday party because it was so loud, then I was being nudged by my ex husband because I apparently dozed off.

My husband gets "mad" at me because I am always falling asleep in public places when I'm alone. I fall asleep in waiting rooms and usually wake up drooling and a stranger staring at me lol. I am a dental assistant and I fell asleep one time while assisting with a filling. I sucked the patient's cheek up with the suction straw and it made a loud noise and scared me awake!!

If I am bored, warm, and sitting down I generally doze off anywhere!

I think if I was that patient I’d have made a loud noise too! Lol

I usually get a warning, like dreaming with my eyes open. I went for diagnosis after dreaming at stoplights.