Sleep Texting

Awhile back somebody else discussed this but I can’t find it now: sleep texting! I didn’t text much before, now I do, and sure enough it happened. My son said he heard a shopping cart starting and stopping in front of our house early one morning, and when he asked me, I denied hearing it. Later that day we noticed I’d texted him about it in middle of the night. That was a first for me! Anybody else doing this lately, or have problems with it?

Eh I've done it for years. (or something similar) I sleep walk/talk like crazy. I can carry on full conversations and not remember any of them. I'm not surprised that you don't remember the cart at all. Ii either think my dreams are legitimate memories, or 'blackout' during the night. Part of the sleep walking is doing tasks I normally do during the day (like texting) I've also talked on the phone, attempted to bathe, drive, cook, clean, get dressed, etc. I only remember it if I wake up while doing it. More often than not I wake up and wonder why all the lightbulbs in my ceiling fan are unscrewed. (true story, blamed my sister for 'pranking' me before finding them in my sock drawer). For the most part it's not that big a deal. It caused me some anxiety when I was a kid and went to sleep overs. Luckily, my parents figured out pretty quickly that if they gave me some tylenol or benadryl it knocked me out just enough that I wouldn't do it. (My parents were not drugging me, it was a regular, child-sized dose, don't worry). It bothers other people more than it does me, although I've had some safety concerns as I've gotten worse. (The time I tried to drive was a wake-up call--pun intended) When I'm sleep walking I can't reason very well so there are little things you can do to help. For example, I can't get past child safety locks when I'm sleep walking. I get confused, and frustrated, and just go back to sleep. My parents say I started doing about the time I learned to walk actually and my dad was just as bad as a kid and ever since then. (Mom hates when we're up at the same time, arguing with each other in our sleep, lol) As a child I was also extremely bad about confusing my dreams/walking/talking with actual memories. I still do this to some extent. If I dream about talking to my husband about what we're doing next weekend, and sleep talking often accompanies that, I genuinely think we've had that conversation. I have a hard time separating real life from my dream one. Often times the walking/talking is worse if something has 'changed.' For example, if I'm on vacation, or sleeping anywhere other than my usual bed. Like you, I'll do it when something (like the cart) wakes me up, but doesn't TRULY wake me up. Sometimes I also exaggerate it. Like if I see a light flash and it kind of wakes me up (but I'm really still asleep), I think the house is on fire. I also do it more if I'm stressed about something. As a teacher, I regularly sleep talk to my family, demanding to know why they didn't bring their homework folders (or something similar). The driving incident I mentioned earlier was the night before my driving test when I was in high school. Even as a kid when I played sports, or was about to take a big test the sleep stuff increased and was usually related to whatever I was worried about. My dad's patterns are almost identical.

Dealing with narcolepsy and insomnia. When I go down the phone goes down [OFF] :) Not a problem so far.

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MissWooten, asking family for their homework is so funny! It’s fascinating that your symptoms and your dad’s are so alike. You are very active in your sleep!

Shutting the phone off is smart. I text on an iPod that is my alarm clock. I don’t expect it to happen very often…?! :slight_smile:

I took to turning off the iPad and broadband and putting the iPad well away after I typed gobbledygook one night and then sent it. Unfortunately I seem perfectly able in my sleep state to set it up again. My greatest worry is that I will do Internet banking ‘under the influence’ but my passwords and customer numbers have to be looked up and I hope that is just too complicated. I rely on the expectation that I will give up and instead try to tidy my paperwork resulting in mistifyingly misfiled papers.
As you know I don’t have narcolepsy but I take epilepsy medication (I don’t have epilepsy either) and other stupefying meds at night and am then wakened by pain and forced out of bed perhaps half an hour into my drugged sleep and the combination results in the same sleep walk/talk phenomenon.