Tracking sleep and "sleep attacks" with FIT BIT

Two weeks ago I went to my cellular store and got a new phone and while I was there I asked about the FIT BIT band that they were running a special on. When the store rep said it tracked sleep I was like ok I will try it out. After becoming familiar with the device and the app on my phone that goes with it, I started tracking my sleep patterns every night and since I can usually feel when I am going into a sleep attack, I quickly set the device by tapping on it in the intended pattern when it starts and I do the same to turn t off after waking. So far I am impressed on how accurately it has been. I now have digitally stored info that I can take to my doctor instead of trying to remember the who what when where and how on a notepad. My Dr is impressed with it so far and she has decided to get her one too to see if it is something that she may be able to use to help her clients. The only thing I wish was on the app was a section to add a note to the sleep cycle if a person wanted to. So I have messaged the FIT BIT company about asking for it for people with Narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. It tracks when you are restless, awake, how long you slept, when you activated the sleep mode and when you took it out of sleep mode. Has anyone else used this? If you have one, use it and see if it helps you!

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I keep looking at these, but haven’t commuted to one yet. But after this, I might.


This sounds like a great tool to help your doctor understand what your life looks like and to help you "manage" or at least be aware of your sleep cycles or sleep attacks.

I have been doing a similar thing by having my CAPA [Continuous positive airway pressure *machine] print outs for my doctor to review. Just to gain a better understanding of my life and what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

I use to do it monthly, but changed to getting printouts every 4 months. One difficulty for me I was starting to obsess about sleep times, circadian rotation, insomnia etc. It was not helping me focusing on that stuff, just creating and adding additional stress.

Facing fear when I sleep sometimes, how long will it last, what crazy thing will awaken me or will thins be the time I get 2 hours and suffer through the next 24.

I've learned more about narcolepsy by reading what you all write about your experiences. I feel kinder towards the doctors now realizing "saying a person has narcolepsy" and living the life of a narcoleptic are light years apart. They have very little tools to help with the different way this disease affects us. They do what they can with the little they understand and the tools or drugs available. Now I see this doctor understanding situation a little better.

Glad this tracking is helpful for you!

Very Best to all of you brave souls dealing with this day by day!!!


PS: I'm wondering if there is a comprehensive list of All the different comorbities (spelling is off tonight) of the issues we deal with. Sort of like a check list that we could share with our doctor....

One whimsical thing is we get to "invent" new words when we are tired or cognitively declining :) For me it's swapping the first letter of two words in a row for some strange reason? But it comes out funny sometimes.

*[machine that helps a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep.]