I am not going to post another blog on this site until I see other members participating. I feel like I have been "duped" into exposing my inner thoughts and struggles with narcolepsy only to find that there are no other members who feel like I do or have the nerve to expose themselves similarly. I feel like an idiot for letting so many people see into my soul. I'm sorry if this sounds like an angry diatribe, but that's the way I feel.


Coping - It takes time for people to find the site. It's only a few months old. Also, over the years building these sites, we've found that there are a lot of people who read without commenting. Your posts are touching more people than you might realize. :)

I have been hesitant about starting blog, but am starting one tonight. Thanks Kathleen for nudging me.

Sometimes it takes time for other people to share their own stories because they are afraid. But you are not alone. And you have been very braved for sharing your own. You have been an inspiration for others who have remained silent..You really mean a lot.. :-)

Thank you all for your encouragement. I am not coping well this week. I have one of those bacteria infections that is spreading everywhere. Some spots are exceptionally painful. I'm on Cipro which is pretty strong antibiotic.

Tracy and Scott -- you've been very supportive. I just got frustrated with the "Kathleen Show" and took it out on the wrong people. Mary - thank you for your kind words. I'm not brave, just compulsive :)