It's that time of the year again

Is the Christmas season already invading your thoughts? How do you cope with the extra stresses on top of daily life? Twelve for Christmas dinner was for years the norm for me but the thought of it now makes me want to lock myself in my bedroom and not come out until January. How do you deal with it?

All of my holiday decorations are in an attic in Ohio, Nel, so I am officially relieved of the burden of decorating. :) We will probably go out to some wonderful place that has a holiday dinner. Problem solved. :)

I will be interested to hear what a Dutch Christmas Dinner comprises. Lovely cheeses and spiced cookies and roast pork - not altogether - if it is at all like a German Christmas. I have spent Christmas Day in Bangkok too (chicken with noodles if my memory serves me right) and Bali where a poor pig got roasted in a spit in the yard in 30 degree temperatures and I had little appetite for it.
Get that dinner booked dancermom; if it’s anything like here in UK they start taking bookings in January!

Good suggestion. :)