Celebrating Traditions

I love that our BF Narcolepsy group has members all over the world and that together we have the opportunity to support each other. We come from many backgrounds, some with a religious faith, some not, with families who can be multi-faith, multi-cultural, and both.

As a person with health challenges I know that energy can be limited or resources scarce during holidays. Family members can be grumpy. We can experience sadness, too, and can benefit from a kind word or understanding from others. Here I witness the human spirit and all its determination. I see our members expressing warmth and generosity year 'round and it's heartening. <3

I invite you to share a favorite tradition, an example of kindness, a personal experience, or an inspiring event or post (yes, even from the media). I would like to know what we will choose to celebrate now and in the coming year, so I can do that with you. :) Best wishes!

I am thankful for an accurate narcolepsy diagnosis. My 20+ yr marriage almost ended this year but when I got diagnosed and told my estranged wife, something in her melted. Her caring for me came out and we started getting the healing we both needed. Now we are selling the house and moving on together! All over this diagnosis which finally explained so much of what was wrong over the last 20 years. I’ve never enjoyed Christmas much but this year i expect to enjoy it with my wife and daughter and to enjoy 2016 as well.

Oh, Boris. What a beautiful post. I think one of the horrible things about having an undiagnosed (or improperly diagnosed) rare disease is the damage that it does to relationships, careers, and self-concept. How wonderful that you can now move on together, with a prospect of feeling better and being able to deal with all the baggage. Congratulations and have a wonderful holiday.