Narcolepsy and Staying Sane

Many of us who suffer from narcolepsy feel isolated and depressed during certain times of the year. I know that the aftermath of the holidays is particularly difficult for me to maneuver through. I feel a sense of loss and longing that reminds me that both my parents are gone now and my siblings live far away from me. I feel a sense of loss that my children are grown now and although I love them more than ever, I miss the wonder and excitement they always felt at Christmastime. I cherished the days when they were little kids and we made Christmas ornaments together or baked cookies or made a gingerbread house. Believe me, there were definitely financial stressors when they were young, but somehow my husband and I were able to pull it off together by working extra shifts, etc. We both wanted them to have happy memories and they have told us that they always had wonderful Christmases when they were young. My experiences as a young child during the holidays was much different. I never received what I asked for on my Christmas list. My mother and father did the best they could considering they had eleven children to buy Christmas presents for. After my initial disappointment, we always had a great family dinner together and played games together. These are some of my most cherished childhood memories. I start to think that maybe I am still an ungrateful child. Why do these memories creep into my subconscious? My answer is to talk to my mother and father and ask their forgiveness through prayer. I tell them I am sorry for feeling the way I did, that I understand now how difficult it was for them. I hope to God they can hear me and forgive me. Because we all know there is nothing worse than an ungrateful child.

Wonderful, introspective post.

I blogged this so more people would see it through ben's friends!

Dear Friend,

Parents forgive even before their children ask :slight_smile: It’s called parental love. The same way your feel towards your children, you just love them and they don’t have to ask for your love :slight_smile:

Take care and rest easy your feeling are a positive sign that you love and loved your parents and that they knew it!

Because they were special and did their best, maybe the way to show your thankfulness now to your parents is to give more love to everyone. The world needs a lot of love an kindness.


beautiful response Ranger. And so true.