Change and Tedium


Well, my sleep patterns are all screwed up again. Whenever there is a change of season (or not), I get all mixed up and experience insomnia, early awakenings, severe daytime sleepiness and an uneasiness about my illness. I think “What kind of day am I going to have today?” with a kind of hopelessness that is usually reserved for the over-stressed and underpaid. With that said though, it really doesn’t matter what kind of day I will have because I no longer work and my days slide into one another in such a mind-dulling tedium that I have to consciously force myself to interact with other people, blog, do some housework and cooking, sleep. This is not a pity-party, it’s just the way it is now. The only thing that is giving me a sense of being a productive individual is helping my incredibly talented sister submit her short stories to publishers. Her characters and meaningful stories deliver me from my “small” world and give me some purpose, therefore, helping me get through the day. Some days, I accomplish quite a bit, other days it’s a crap shoot. I know she appreciates my efforts and that makes me feel good about myself. She doesn’t realize that my small contribution is truly a life-saver~

another great one. I posted on Ben's Friends Blog: