Tired of being tired

Thankfully I am one step closer to getting things under control. Next on to do list is meet with doc next week to have in depth discussion on different medications.

Today has been spent literally fighting the sandman all day. Ended up knodding off and when hubby just touched my knee I came up swinging. At least with all that is going on my husband looks at the bright side and helps me laugh when I do silly stuff.

I understand exactly what you are saying DarkFaerie, I day to my husband all the the time that I’m sick and tired of being tired and he always tell me everything is going to be just fine.

I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I say that I am tired of being tired everyday(: strong amazing women, we have eachother now too.

My husband used to say "maybe you have narcolepsy", so I went to a sleep doctor who was nodding off during my appointment. Ha, I figured what do they know? Husband left, a few years later I went to another doctor and was diagnosed. The people closest to us can help keep things in perspective and understand us enough to be funny and frank! I didn't know I was being so hard on myself until I realized most other people don't fight sleep all day.

DarkFaerie, I’m glad your husband looks on the bright side - that’s what we all need. And being laughed at/with can be fun. I would have laughed too if I was lucky enough to miss the punch!