For anyone who didn't see almarr's blog on narcolepsy here is the link. Very thought provoking, and funny

Very interesting lol

Thank you for sharing this, Nel! I only hope people without narcolepsy can see it, so they have an easier way of understanding what so many of us go through. :)

I have learnt such a lot from helping on this site and so have many of my friends and family. I knew vaguely what narcolepsy was but the way youngsters develop it and then go through their teenage years being accused of being lazy and not trying hard enough touched my heart. All these rare diseases are awful but the ones which turn your life upside down but leave you looking much the way you did before are a special challenge.
If it’s alright with you I will put the link up on the FB page too. I suspect that more friends and families of people with narcolepsy may see it there.

That would be absolutely wonderful! Thank you!