What are you dreaming about these days?

Had any good dreams lately? Funny ones? Scary ones? Tell us what you have been dreaming about lately.

I've been shoe shopping! It's a recurring dream. I usually find some very cool ones; I can see them in great detail... Sometimes they fit really well, other times not so much. :-)

How funny, pwntek. Are you disappointed when you wake without your new footwear? I used to dream I acquired certain things, and then be sad when I woke up and it wasn't true.

That's exactly how I feel! Other times I wish I had the ability to sketch, because when I wake up I feel as though I could design some really nice footwear. In the dreams I can feel the quality of the materials, see the texture close-up, and the colors are magnificent. Also, the bonus is that in the dreams I'm able to walk in high heels...!

Have you guys ever been able to “control” your dreams? Sometimes in the waking dream state I can think about what I want to happen in my dream and it does!

I have done that sometimes, arowland. What do you choose to control in those dreams? I used to make it so that I could fly. It felt wonderful.

Cool, arrowland! Sounds as though you can do "lucid dreaming"! What do you choose to dream about?

arowland said:

Have you guys ever been able to "control" your dreams? Sometimes in the waking dream state I can think about what I want to happen in my dream and it does!

I dream of eventually gaining control of my life again and chasing my real dreams! I want to be an Epidemiologist (bio-statistician) in the medical field specifically pertaining to debilitating diseases.

I honestly hate dreaming, that is why I chose to take a different answer to this. I have night anxiety due to my sleep paralysis, which mind you I have been beating lately and have not experienced in a long time. However for a long time, I was terrified to go to sleep. Dreaming was not something I enjoyed nor something I associated with sleep. Nor do I still. I have many micro sleeps a day which cause intense day dreams where I start to think of something and suddenly the world has disappeared and all that exists is me and my thoughts. Yet they are no longer thoughts, they have turned into an almost movie like experience happening in a way that I could not tell you if it was around me, in front of me or if I was in it. I just know for those moments, the world is gone and my brain is shut off but my body, it apparently keeps going.

This is for you dancermom and anyone who enjoys dreams of flying. I have had the dream most of my life though less and less in the last ten years (old age perhaps). It’s a proper dream, no control about it.

I looked up flying dreams and found this:

“Direction of Flight:
It is important to know what direction where you where going when you where flying high up in the sky. If you are flying upwards in your dream it suggests you are now on a new level spiritually. If you were flying downwards you are trying to get more in tune with your unconscious. If you are flying low to the ground it represents strength and determination in your life. If you are flying backwards it suggests you want to relive the past and the good memories you experienced.”

I dream that I am taking huge steps and gradually the steps get higher and longer and I am flying and enjoying amazing everybody down below. I suspect I know what a psychologist would make of it and would rather not be told!

That is interesting Nel, I never thought of interpreting my dreams. I have so many different variations of dreams, some considered hallucinations, others the day dreams I talked about above in my micro sleeps and then of course the dreams when I am dead asleep. Sometimes my dreams are so real, I cannot differentiate between what I had in a dream the night before and what actually happened in reality. I often find myself asking people about things that happened in a dream and realizing that it never happened. I have found this to be common among other Narcoleptics aswell

I know it sounds weird since I am not narcoleptic, but after a run of bad nights, 2 - 4 hours actually in bed, during the night when I am up I am dropping with tiredness and fall asleep constantly while trying to read, do a crossword, type an email and so on, even on my feet emptying the dishwasher. I don’t put my head down, just go into immediate dream state sitting/standing upright, then wake with a shock to find I was dreaming and feel anxious, but unable, to interpret the dream. I too find it difficult to make out if a memory is real or dreamt. I don’t know if it is due to extreme sleepiness or to my nighttime medication which is supposed to, but doesn’t always, help me to sleep.

I want to fly, too! I’ll try.
In reality I’ve been pulling vines and weeds out of my yard, so many that I’ve dreamt about them all week.

I guess I am already in the middle of a dream when I half wake up and get to choose the ending. one time I won the lottery lol. I would like to have the flying dreams that sounds amazing! Kristin I hate when I can’t remember if it was reality or dream! sometimes I’m happy it was just a dream and others I’m disappointed in.

arowland, I agree. Sometimes I am so disappointed that the dream wasn't real especially when you wake up and the house is completely empty but in your dream it wasn't :( However other times, I am grateful it was just a dream.

I can wake myself up from dreams and go back to sleep during sleep paralysis but not sure I can choose the ending. Thank is pretty cool

Carol, I often dream about repetitive work I've been doing in real life - it was especially true when I was folding 1,000 cranes over a period of weeks; that was all I would dream about!

Carol said:

I want to fly, too! I'll try.
In reality I've been pulling vines and weeds out of my yard, so many that I've dreamt about them all week.

pwntek, I have done a few paper cranes in my time, but can't imagine doing 1,000 of them, Did this have anything to do with the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes?

I forgot to encourage a flying dream last night. Instead, I got a racy experience with a Seattle weatherman. I don’t even have a TV! Must’ve caught a glimpse of him in an ad watching the WCup Final. Glad that dream wasn’t real!

Ah, those racy dream experiences... with that moment of terrible guilt when you awake thinking just for a second it really happened. Dreamland is a place where we are truly not responsible, right? I hope the weatherman was handsome, anyway...

Kristin, your dream states sound frightening. I hope they get better. I used to have nightmares and sleep paralysis, and sometimes I’d get out of bed only to fall to the ground. I was diagnosed shortly after. These symptoms happen only rarely now; the sleep attacks persist, though.