What's It Like To get a sleep study?

A sleep study is typical tests done to test measure how well your body sleep and how your body to responds to sleep problems. According to survey, there are about 40 million American who suffer from chronic and long-term sleep disorder. Another 20 million have at least trouble sleeping.

A mere trouble sleeping may result into a serious sleep problem. That is why doctors would usually recommend or suggests to patients, who constantly experience trouble sleeping, to sleep study. Sleep study may be also done to people who suffer from narcolepsy.

Here is what usually happens during a sleep study:

- Assuming that you already consulted your physician or healthcare provider, you may be required to check in a sleep center in time when you are most likely to fall asleep. It may be during night time or day time.

- The room where you will be sleeping will look similar with normal room at home.

- A medical professional will attach a sensor device with several wires to your head, chest, finger and legs. This device will help the medical professionals monitor your brain waves, breathing, heartbeat, snoring, blood oxygen levels and leg movements while you are sleeping.

- Through the sensor devices, the doctors will be able to assess the type of disorder that you have and the proper remedy that you may undergo to cure your disorder.

- Once you wake up, you can resume with your daily activities.

- Depending on your result, you may need to do some follow-ups.

Sleep study does not hurt at all.

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