Sleep Testing

I was finally diagnosed, with this lovely thing called Narcolepsy, nearly 10 yrs ago through 2 separate sleep studies (the first one was just over night & the second one a few weeks later was over night plus most of the next day as well), & now that I am seeing a new Neurologist, she wants another sleep study done to get current results in order to continue giving me medications. My question to all of you is I am wondering if it is a normal thing to have sleep studies redone from time to time? I just wanted to know what kind of things other sufferers go thru on a normal basis. Thank you in advance to any & all who find the time to share your experiences.
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Hey Wolfgal,
There’s been a bit of hysteria worldwide regarding what is classed as DDA drugs and hypnotics. Some dr’s surgeries have notices stating that such medications are not provided. Some medical centres have been investigated for the quantities of such meds that have been prescribed, but once it has been established that the dr’s have a ‘paper trail’ all is fine.

As you have a genuine need the dr needs to build and maintain such a paper trail. So it’s not unusual that they do all the tests and complete all of the paperwork annually. This keeps both you and the medical practise safe.

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Merl from the Moderator Support Team