What stimulants for EDS have worked best for you?

I have recently been diagnosed with narcolepsy type 2 and was diagnosed with 150 mg armodafinil once per day. Unfortunately I have received little to no effect from this medication after 8 days of use. What stimulants have worked best for you guys? Ritalin? Adderall?

The provigil should work from the first dose. Unlike Ritalin it works on the nevouse system and does not affect saratonin or dopamine levels. Talk to your Dr he will probably raise the dose.

Yeah, that’s the one I started on when I was first diagnosed almost four years ago. It started helping me with in like a week and half. But I couldn’t keep taking it cause when we went to get it refilled it was going to coast us like $300. So, now I take modafinil 200mg two time’s and D-Amphetamine salt combo 10mg once a day. Not to include the one’s for the chronic migraines and migraine associated vertigo. But it also helped drinking more water and gatorade. Cause I noticed that I get dehydrated alot and it makes my narcolepsy worse. I also stay in communication with my doctors as much as I can. That way they know what is going on and if we need to change something or run another blood test to make sure everything is still my normal.
So, I would say my advice would be is to talk with your narcolepsy doctor, let them know what you are and are not feeling since starting this medicine even if it’s something small you noticed. I hope this helped some. Rachel