Have you been prescribed Modafinil? If so what was your experience? What Meds have helped?

I am curious to know other narcoleptics experiences with Modafinil. I just started mine about 11 days ago and the first week was amazing, I felt normal! I didn't have any sleep attacks at work or with my son. However now in my second week I am back to exhaustion and some (but less) sleep attacks. It's really frustrated because I started an amazing career as an accounting specialist which I never thought possible, and I can't function or do things correctly when having sleep attacks... I just want to find something that keeps me functioning from morning to bed time.

I started Nuvigil this week and so far it is great. I am alert all day, my levels of focus are back at levels that I haven’t seen in over a decade (without copious amounts of caffeine), and I am going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up at a decent hour. Sleep is still not the best but I haven’t started the sleep portion of my treatment yet. My energy levels are higher than they were before I started the meds. Granted right now my doctor and I are still in the finding right dosage phase but I am very optimistic. I hope you are able to find something that helps you. Also congratulations on the new job! It is a great thing when things finally start looking up.

Thank you @darkfaerie. I guess they say its common for modafinil to stop working, I was so happy when I started it. It made me feel normal and energized for once in my life. I read that others have taken 1-3 breaks to get it to start working again... I guess it has a lot to do with how long the half life is.

I started Modafinil in 2000. It was about 3 months to get the dosage correct. I ended up with 200 mg 3 times a day at 08:00,12:00 and 16:00. On occasion if out late I would take one around 22:00. Usually 2 naps a day of 1 hour. I was able to drive again after 10 years of not driving. It worked fine until around January of 2014. I struggled until January 2015 when I had a tire blow out and loss of memory for 2 1/2 days. Still no memory of what happen.

Started Nuvigil in February. Have been as high as 200 mg 3 times a day to 100 mg in the morning. So far no help. I can sleep 12 hours get up take my medicine in the morning and go right back to bed 4 another 4 hours when my wife wakes me.

I took Provigil for 2yrs and then Nuvigil for one. My own experience with them were good and bad. Both work but the head aches that came with them over time were pure evil. Im currently on some generic brand of riddlen called methlaphidate( not spelled right) for almost 2yrs and so far no side effects have come. But people have said they tend to build a tolerance for their dosage rather quickly.