Tricks Narcolepsy Plays on Your Mind

I’ve been getting up so early in the morning (4:00 am) everyday for the last five days that my head is swimming with all these peculiar thoughts. Like: okay, if I take my medicine at 6:00 am, that gives me 2 hours before I crash again and have to sleep. So, I try to get in a little exercise or meditation. I fall asleep doing yoga and meditating. Put me in “child’s pose” and I’m a goner. I wake up. I try to do something around the house like laundry or figure out what to make for dinner that day. By the time 1:00 pm rolls around, I need another nap. These afternoon naps can run anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. Yesterday, I slept 6 hours during the day. WTF! Lately, I’ve been super stressed due to my financial situation so that could have an impact on my terrible symptoms. Or, maybe not. It could be the change in seasons. Or, it could be that I’m just crazy. Or, maybe I have a brain tumor. Or, maybe I wish I was a more spiritual person that doesn’t care about the everyday doldrums of life, only the eternal peace waiting for me when I die. Peace. Love. — I’m not a hippie, my babies, I’m a middle aged woman who is so sick and tired of having this illness, I feel like I never have any peace of mind. Vent for the day over.