Some one stole my xyrem

Someone along the way: in the pharmacy or maybe in the warehouse or the trucker. Unsealed my prescription sealed bottle of xyrem and took some , a lot! They resealed back the brown box and I didn’t notice till I had already signed for it. Now I have to go a week without my meds and xyrem and the dr are all pointing there fingers at me! I didn’t do anything I just want to sleep and be able to stay awake for my 3 kids :’(

Shoot, that's awful, Lpwolfe. It sounds like it will be a long week. It's really low that someone would steal meds from someone who needs them. Have you tried calling the doc? You may reach a compassionate nurse or something...

That's crazy ..... people will really go the extra mile to get drugs. You should let the company know about that and maybe they can do something about it.

I hope everyone reads your post. Your doctor and the company know what to do once you’ve reported it; blaming you won’t help unless they’re asking you to be careful. Meanwhile, maybe a friend or relative can watch your kids while you take naps! Ask for help.

How are you doing? Were you able to get meds or support? I remember raising my kids pre-diagnosis: especially difficult. That’s an understatement. Thinking of you.

Thanks for asking, Im doing much better, got a delivery on saturday. Im weird I get my meds every two weeks instead of by the month because I swear by hte end of the month it just doesn't work the same! But I was a rough week luckily my parents helped and we were able to make it threw. Glad to be back "alive" again!