Signs, Symbols and Spirit

I live in a small city with limited woodlands although there are some open spaces. I have lived in the same house for twenty years and have never once seen the animals that appeared out of the blue in the story that follows.

Since my mother passed away two years ago, she has been showing up in the most unusual forms. My youngest sister is a spiritual healer and guide (tumblr blog: Standingwithangelsnow) and one day, as I sat on my back porch, talking about our mother on the phone, she said, “Mommy would like that.” A giant, I mean giant, owl landed on the tree limb directly in front of me. I have never seen an owl flying around in the daytime. He or she sat there staring at me, blinking those little owl eyes as if to say -“I see you.” My sister was at work so she quickly looked up the symbolism for seeing an owl. In Native American cultures, certain animals are considered “power animals.” These guiding spirits help us during times of transition or growth. An owl spirit will give you owl wisdom, and lend you some of the attributes of an owl. Perhaps, being able to “see” in the darkness.

I believe the owl appeared to me at the request of my mother to give me a sign that I am on the right spiritual path. The owl’s presence at that particular moment, just as we shared a momentary “knowing” of our mother, solidified my belief in my own personal journey.

Not long after the owl appeared, we were talking on the phone again - I was sitting on the back porch - and my sister described a picture she had seen of my nephew with his new girlfriend. She said, “As soon as I saw her picture I got this overwhelming feeling that Mommy had a hand in picking her out for him.” Just as she said this, a falcon flew precariously close to my porch and perched on the very same limb where the owl sat only weeks before. She looked up the symbolism of seeing a falcon. The falcon represents soul healing, speed and movement. We laughed that Mommy heard us talking about her again and sent the falcon to make her presence known.

When you open yourself up to spirit, all kinds of wonderful things happen.

I really enjoy your posts. You're doing great work. I think others really like it too. I posted this on our Ben's Friends Blog so more people would see it:

Thanks, Scott. I'm glad you're enjoying my blogs. Kathleen