My spiritual guide and healer suggested I create an altar that has personal meaning to me. It should incorporate the four elements (wind, fire, earth and water). I decided to create an altar that I would see everyday, not something tucked away in a room that I don’t spend a lot of time in. I chose carefully from some of my mother’s things. None of these were “precious” to my mother, but she held them and touched them and they belonged to her. First, I chose a red Celtic scarf that she loved and placed it on my kitchen windowsill. Then, I found a clear glass bowl that I filled with sea glass, water, and fresh flowers from my garden. My mother was devoted to the Blessed Mother, so that was next. I found a candle and surrounded my display with a few pictures and her favorite prayer. The last thing I added was her teapot. My mother loved to make tea in a teapot and always had a fresh pot waiting for us girls when we arrived home from school and later, when we were young mothers visiting with our babies. I am so happy that everyday when I come downstairs to make my morning coffee, the first thing I will think about is my Mom. Her quiet strength and faith and encouragement and unconditional love will guide me through even my toughest days. I love and miss you, Mom.