Nutrition, diet, life style related to health

Hello All,

Most of you know already I prefer more natural approaches to health. Relentlessly looking for non "drug" answers.

I was diagnosed with:

Celiac/"Gluten entropy" disease and many of these "associated conditions" listed here.


And at the same time host of other "autoimmune conditions".

I think this web link below is worth looking at based on what my grandfather taught me many years ago "you are what you eat". That why I was an organic gardener since I was 14 years old (47) years... Because of the "Gluten entropy" I must supplement my already organic Gluten free diet with additional supplements...

-> This link is just related to food Toxins:

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Thanks Ranger for that very interesting link. i feel sure that Chris Kresser is right but the dietary change is hard and I so often give in to temptation. We think we eat well - I grow my own vegetables and fruit as far as I can and buy organic where possible but when I go to the supermarket something like 90% or probably more of what is on offer is 'out of bounds' and I tell myself at my age what does it matter and a box of chocolate biscuits just jumps into my basket.....

Hello Nel,

I agree, diet changes are very difficult and best done slowly. It was one of the hardest things for me to do. But I felt sooo sick that I had to do it and it was a very long learning process for me. I also know the feeling of walking through the food store and realizing 90% of the "stuff" is off limits for me....

We all have our moments of weakness :) I love all natural mint chocolate chip ice cream. Every now and then I'll buy a half gallon but I was very close to (T-2 diabetes risk/issue in the past). But I've not had any of the Wheat, Rye, Barley or Oats in almost 3 years now. Pizza always smells good to me but I know it's off limits.

It's just a matter of being aware and doing the best you can at the moment :)



I think I have less willpower with age. When I was in my 50s and very troubled by severe osteoarthritis, especially in my hands, I was given Indomethacin which worked like a dream and allowed me to continue with the activities I loved, sewing among them. I worried about the side effects however and went on an elimination diet. For three months I survived a diet with no salt or sugar, onions or garlic, spices or fruit, bread or potatoes. I lost mountains of weight which I didn’t need to lose, actually cried with hunger once and basically lived on lentils and cabbage. For weeks I suffered awful headaches which I guessed were caffeine withdrawal and it was altogether a miserable time during which the osteoarthritis continued apace and I learnt nothing about my aches and pains. The worst side effect of the diet was that when I next sought help from my doctor, everything wrong with me was laid at the door of ‘that faddy diet’ and it gained me a black mark on my medical notes. I believe it led to them eventually putting my neurological condition down to ‘stress’ when it raised its murky head and led to two years of utter misery until I saw a neurologist and got a diagnosis.
I now eat a fairly limited diet but still put milk in my tea and bread on my plate. Ice cream I can live without unless it’s coffee flavoured:)