I came across this on Facebook and it made me wonder. My label would say: Liable to snap if you tell me I look tired

Nell, mine would be "do not approach before coffee has been administered" Not a morning person :)

Mine? "Warning: Contents under pressure. Do not shake."

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I'm thinking about my label hmmmm....

I’m doing the best I can, stress makes it more difficult…sorry I have to sleep now.

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I love it Ranger !!!

Unless you have found a cure,
don’t offer me any advice.

When cowgirl hat is over my eyes; Do not disturb it is nap time.
When cowgirl hat is on top of my head; Hold on tight its going to be a fun ride.

Uncharacteristic Profanity May Occur

The tired thing, oh yes. That bugs me, too.

Mine would probably read "Excessive mood swings....tread lightly and offer fluffy pillows or coffee." idk there are so many warning labels that apply. LOL

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I have a shirt that says ask me anything 'cant guarantee an answer but you can ask.'

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Liable to snap if you tell me I just need to go to bed earlier or have a better sleep routine.


elaine armstrong said:

Unless you have found a cure,
don't offer me any advice.