Human Nature and Crappy Behavior

I always go "overboard" trying to please everyone and then I feel unappreciated and unhappy when my efforts are looked upon as foolish. I just want to find some joy in my life. Someone close to me said something that shook me up pretty bad. It was said with a little malice and I was just preoccupied and hurt by the intention to make me feel foolish and idiotic. Isn't that kind of crappy? Why do people behave so badly?


It's hard to figure out what motivates some people. It is a good thing to be a kind and gentle person. That is always the right choice and the "Higher Ground" a person should take.

Possibly something else in their life was the real problem; spouse, job, finances and etc. And, you were there at just their weak moment...

But never forget your boundaries what ever they maybe: like yelling at you, swearing at you, unloving touch or anything that hurts your heart. Stop these things immediately. Try to identify the things that you will no longer allow in your life. Then think of them as "Hola hoops" around you.

When those boundaries are crossed, stop the person immediately: - > No stop! I don't except or allow that kind of stuff into my life.

It took me many years to learn this and put it into practice. There is a definite time to shut down people hurting you for doing good.

I hope that this might help you to understand and live a more peaceful life.



PS: This may be all new to you. But you can do this in your life. Just spend time to know what the boundaries are for YOU!

Thanks, Ranger! Just being able to vent about things like this is helpful and your response was spot on. I really appreciate your comments and validation that sometimes people are just unaware of how hurtful they can be. Regards, Coping

Well said Ranger! Priceless advice! I too have struggled with this exact thing, love Ranger's advice. Boundaries are essential.

He's always "spot on." Don't stop giving us advice Ranger --- you're the best to even comment on some of my silly ventings!!!