Health question re Freezing/"Riggors"

Hello All,

Quick health question:

Health: I woke up this morning so cold and shaking it was almost like I was having "seizures" shaking so badly, it was 66 degrees in the house, I had a sweat shirt and bathrobe on under a sheet and wool blanket. Got out of bed, Hit the heat up to 75 degrees, and then tested my blood sugar at 8:25am to see if that was it? No it read "95" not too bad cause this. I ate some cheese, a little chocolate, a cup of hot ginger tea and stood over the heater to warm up, and finally go back to bed….

This happened to me a couple of time ago, before I was diagnosed with narcolepsy.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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PS: I may be dealing with Black Mold issues in my bedroom closet. Very sensitive to cold these days, last winter felt cold all the time.

Also: Just had my “thyroid levels checked” they say it is "normal", but I say it not normal for mealso wondering about testosterone levels affecting my sensitivity to cold?

This happens to me sometimes at night. My husband will be comfortable and I will be so cold and shivering for no reason. Curious to know if others have done this too?

Yes I do it alot, at night when I’m in bed sometimes I be so cold and my husband is laying next to me saying he’s hot or it feels just fine to him. I thought it was just me.

That is exactly how it is. It is like extreme chills that come on for no reason and then just go away.

Hi Ranger: I have been experiencing episodes this past month especially that I can't get warm, no matter how many layers of clothes that I have on. I wounder if it has anything to do with the Narcolepsy?