Does anyone else have random fits of INSANE sweating? I have had this happen a lot recently and I wonder if this part of n or something altogether different.

I do at night but I think it’s probably pre menopause :slight_smile:

Yes I have night sweats all the time, and my doctor told me it’s from my narcolepsy and it’s horrible it wakes me up sometimes because I be soaked.

Does anybody get it during the day? My sleep specialist says she thinks it's meds and sweating isn't usually linked to narcolepsy. I don't want to change meds because THEY'RE WORKING!

I did have horrible sweating when I was on Ritalin and in my mid 20s. About the only product that worked for me was Certain Dri. It was not a typical anti-per but some sort of solution that did God only knows what. Not sure if it was hormones or what but after about 3 years or so the intense sweating stopped. It was still a struggle to find something that worked with the wetness/smell. My family history includes a lot of breast cancer so I have since switched to the crystal rock thing (not the crystal rock spray either-must be the rock itself) and I haven't had a problem since. Odd product but it seems to work.

If the meds are working, don't go off of them. It is a huge hurdle you just overcame. My opinion is the general public would be more insulted by someone falling asleep that someone who perspires. It is a shame society looks down on either issue.