Brain Vibration Feeling

For a couple of months, I have been having this electrical-like vibrating feeling on and off in my head. It feels like my brain has a cell phone vibrating in it. It feels even stronger if I am driving over a bumpy road when it’s happening, if there are loud noises in the house like kitchen cabinet doors slamming, if my daughter us doing cartwheels across the living room floor, etc. Even if the house is completely silent, though, it happens. There is no pattern or predictability that I can find. I tried googling it, but only find discussions about others asking similar questions with no real answers. I finally came across a discussion suggesting it may be related to my narcolepsy and some type of chemical “leak” in the brain. Has anyone else experienced this symptom or heard of it happening?

I think i understand. I feel like , or how i describe it as like a wire shorting out and its in my head. And it feels liike that too. For me it happens when i am extra tired or stressed out mostly. I asked my sleep specialist. But i dont think he understood. Or didnt have an answer. So i may not have an answer but i didnt realize other people had strange things like this. I do have one possible alternative though. If you grind or clench your teeth, have TMJ. You of course would do that while you sleep. I have this. But what happens during the day or when its most noticeable. There is a muscle that basically goes from your ear area that gets really tense and will spasm. But what it feels like to me is a tuning fork in my head. That buzzing vibration kind of feel and its aggravated by noise and stress. You wouldnt guess that its actually a muscle spasm that causes this. And with the medication we all take to keep us awake. For me that seems to make me more tense along with just fighting sleep and i find that it has made certain things like this a little worse. Because im too afraid to relax and fall asleep.

Do you take Nuvigil? I had this happen when I took a full dose. I have since started taking half and it went away.

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My first thought was grinding teeth. Mine got so bad there was ringning in my ears, went to PCP. Sent me to a ear nose and throught doctor.
Now I wear a “bite guard” every time I have to sleep. Loud noises, tv, radios etc…
Also stress, trying to do to much in one day hurts us. Nutrition, vitamins especaly D3 and probiotics are very important.

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If you drive highway speeds with the window down that can hurt you ear on that side also…maybe wear an ear plug on that one side.


Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile: I don’t take Nuvigil, I take Adderall. I don’t grind my teeth or clench my jaw. I am not unusually stressed. I don’t drive on the highway often. It’s not painful, more annoying. I feel inside my head, like my brain itself is vibrating - nothing in my ears. But loud noise or abrupt movement does make the vibrating more intense. I take Adderall 2 or 3 times a day (7:30 am,12pm, and sometimes 4:30pm), and on an ideal day I sleep 9pm- 11pm, 12:30am-2:30am, 3:30am-7:30am, 9:30am-10:30am, 6:30-7pm). The vibration has no regular occurrence that I can connect to my med timing or my sleep habits. It occurs randomly. I do struggle with low potassium - maybe I will look into that possibility as a cause.

Brain vibrations have continued off and on. Now, I am questioning if I may also have MS, and if this symptom is Lhermitte’s sign - especially since I have other symptoms listed as well. I am wishing my narcolepsy doctor was a neurologist instead of a pulmonologist (even though I really like the doctor).

I don’t think it is seizure activity. I am completely lucid and active the whole time it is happening. It lasts from a few minutes up to ten or so minutes. I can describe it to my husband while it’s happening. The feeling is in the back half of my brain and sometimes traveling down my neck. I don’t grind my teeth. I don’t have sleep apnea and I don’t snore. I am considering going to a chiropractor first, and then, when I see my pulmonologist, I may bring up the idea of seeing a neurologist based on this and some other symptoms. Thanks for your thoughts - be careful driving!!!