Auditory Hallucinations and Ringing in the Ears

Auditory Hallucinations
Here’s something that is little known by the general public regarding narcolepsy. I can wake up at any time during the night because I am hearing sounds that won’t stop. A few examples are: doorbells ringing, people talking, the sound a rat makes while it’s running overhead or in the walls, birds chirpping, water dripping, music, leaf-blowers. I wake up to investigate and there is nothing to it. No one is at the door, no one is outside talking, no rats in the attic, no birds awake yet, no leaks or water dripping, no one playing music and certainly, the leaf-blowers are still on the gardener’s truck waiting for morning to arrive. Weird.

I have a lot of these events also!! It can be frightening also. I hear footsteps and then at times also am having sleep paralysis during so I cannot move. Scary!

I'm so glad you posted this. I've been telling my doctor about hearing the door bell and no one is there, the phone ringing, hearing bells is my big auditory hallucination. I also hear crashing noises like a bunch of boxes in the garage have just toppled over and it's always as I am just falling asleep (the crashing noise).

Do you ever hear music playing? It's usually a song I know and I wake up singing the song. When this happens, it's not so terrifying to have this illness. I have experienced all of the examples you guys have posted. I think doctors know we have this symptom, but there's nothing they can do about it. There's no magic pill, you know?

Hello All,

I'll vote in on this one: Yes, Door bells, knocking, flashes of light, loud objects dropped, cars driving up the drive way. It usually happens just before I wake up and then I'm up for the day. Also if I'm having a really crazy nightmare I wake up...with the above.

Rarely do I have any "normal good dreams" mostly real odd or weird stuff. Sometimes so weird it wakes me up.

Take care all of you!


PS: I don't think doctors know what this is like unless they have it also.