Auditory Hallucinations

Since all of this is fairly new to me....The only thing I can describe is losing consciousness and finding myself off the side of the road in trees or bushes or whatever may be in my path. I'm interested in knowing if others of you experience auditory hallucinations. This has happened to me before, but last night, while relaxing in my hot tub prior to going to bed, I started hearing the song Vacation. It's not like I had heard it in the few minutes prior to me getting in the hot tub and was still thinking about or singing along with it my head. I hadn't. It was if I was actually hearing the song. Other auditory hallucinations that I have had are while listening to the television, I have heard words being said on the TV that I know because of censorship, would not be allowed to be said. Does anyone else experience that? I also have tactile hallucinations, although not recently, where I feel like bugs are crawling on me, mostly on my face, scalp and arms. I feel like before I actually can get a diagnosis they are going to commit me to the loony bin. Please share your experiences.

Wow, that’s all so every other week for me. I come into a room as if I had been listening to my kids conversation defending so and so and nothing is going on. Or hear my landlord talking smack to the neighbors Only to find out he is in Alpine and won’the be back anytime soon. It’seems hard to control when I wake up from an actual nap. But when it happens when I am already physically up I have learned to investigate before reacting. Learned from years of embarrassing conversations that come with looks of, she’s crazy. Very glad you asked. I have to add to my list for my study.