Ambien XR

Regular Ambien didn't allow me to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. I have switched to ambien XR and I am finding that I can sleep 6 hours at night with CPAP. I DO feel groggy in the morning, which I don't like because morning is my best time to get things done. However, I know that the extra sleep is helping my body expel toxins and rest better. I still dream every night even though these medicines are supposed to suppress dreams. The dreams are not as horrific as before, but they usually involve some stressful situation that wakes me up. A note of caution: sleeping longer can sometimes lead to leaking urine so I have to wear a pad to bed. This is one of my worst fears --- incontinence. I'd like to hear how others are doing taking this medicine. Thanks.

I'm not sure why no responses, Coping, unless everyone is taking regular Ambien instead of XR. Stressy dreams that wake you up -- I am quite familiar with those. 6 hours doesn't sound too bad, and I hope that continues for you. Thank you for posting.