Advice on my first month being medicated please?

So my neurologist first gave me a 7 day sample of nuvigil…I loved it and it worked great for me! But even with my insurance my monthly perception was going to cost almost $300. Obviously not an option for me financially. So I went back to my neurologist and he prescribed modafinil 200 mg. Like I said it’s only been a month…but some days it literally does not help keep me awake at all. Then some days I do not sleep for 24-48 hours. Also I noticed it puts me in a depressive state of mind where the smallest things put me in a sad/panic mode that before I wou I never react like that. So my question is…do you think I should give this medication more time? Make an appointment to see if I can change or add meds? I know everyone is different but what works for you?
Thank you for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

Katie, the depressive feelings could be from the medication. Let your doctor know and decide together what to do. Everybody’s brain and body are different - I got depressive reactions to a couple of meds, but I don’t know how common that is… Doesn’t matter. You want the best match for you. Take care.

Some meds made me feel depressed too. Nuvigil never really helped me but I was on it for a year and then began to be very depressed and cried alot. The meds I’m on now, Vyvanse 60mg 2 times a day, it makes me feel down sometimes when it’s wearing off.

My doctor gave me some sort of discount card for Nuvigil. Have you checked online to see if there’s something like that available? I know for my child’s Focalin med we can just print a new discount card each year.

My neurologist started off with less expensive options. My dad and brother are both on Nuvigil, but I do great on the generic of Adderall which is much less expensive. I also tried Ritalin, but it made me feel anxious and quickly stopped being effective for keeping me awake. There are different options - ask your doctor to try some others until you find what works best for you.

Thank you, all of your replies were very helpful! :slight_smile: