Weird Humor

My sister has narcolepsy too. We have developed a very weird sense of humor about the illness because — who wants to cry all the time? She sends me cards and notes about narcolepsy and generally acts like a silly ass to make me laugh. So, when I’m with her or talk to her on the phone there is a bit of a competition between us as to who can make the other one laugh so hard she has a cataplexy episode. I know, we’re a couple of idiots.

The last time I was visiting New York, my sister started imitating a character on the reality show “Mob Wives.” She made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants and I went down a few times in a fit of laughter. I had to beg her to stop so I could regain my composure. Another time she gave me a cataplexy attack was when my Mom was sick and in hospital. She came into the hospital room with two of her daughters and started joking around. All I had to do was “think” of something funny to say back to her and down I went like a sack of potatoes. Her daughter Brigid said to me, “Aunt Kathleen, when you fall down it looks so graceful. My mother falls flat on her face.” This comment begs the question — “What the hell do we look like when we are having these attacks??” Must look pretty scary and weird to the world.

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