Do you think this video is fake?

I’m betting a lot of you have seen this video already. What do you think? I understand that the severity of people’s symptoms varies greatly, but so much about this video just doesn’t ring true. For instance, what brought on the cataplexy? Was she frightened about something? I didn’t see her laughing. Isn’t cataplexy brought on by emotion? This seems like a totally random collapse for no reason. Does it happen that way? Then the sleep attack… I’ve NEVER just fallen over like that, out of the blue, with no warning. The waking up seems peculiar as well, the way she snaps upright. She’s fighting sleep attacks while doing something physically active and mentally stimulating at the same time, which isn’t typical. Her periods of “fighting” seem pretty staged as well. It’s like she’s fighting terribly for two to three seconds, and then she’s good as new until the next demonstration. And dizziness? Since when is dizziness a symptom of narcolepsy?

Hope I don’t ruffle any feathers with this post, but I’d sure like to hear what people who actually have narcolepsy think of this video. The poster has deleted all negative comments, and judging from some of the remaining comments, I think there were quite a few folks who thought it was fake.

The video has apparently been edited. I would have to say everyone is individual, and I would not judge the symptoms…an opinion yes. Cataplexy for me was brought on by deep laughter. Sometimes I would crumble to the floor, most of the time it was a overall weakness, my body was like jello with quick recovery I might add. I most definitely have fallen over without warning…in my younger years especially. I have experienced dizziness which I attribute to sleep attacks that I am fighting through. At work I could at times whisper to someone close by I was fighting and to please jar me if I zone out on my feet…or worse. Some days are worse than others and some days I’ve felt like I was going through the motions, probably not very smooth motions either.

This very well may have been staged…as I said I believe it was edited as I didn’t see any of the behaviors you mentioned.