Comin in for a Crash Landing

Who suffers from Cataplexy? Do you ever feel like you are out of control, like a time bomb waiting to go off or a mechanical instrument with a multisystem failure that occurs repeatedly with no warning? Someone asked me what cataplexy was like and I said it was like a plane that just suddenly lost control and you have to brace yourself for the landing. For me, I have warning, but I know others don't. How do you deal with your cataplexy and how do you feel about being public when it occurs?

I have found that I rarely laugh in public anymore for the fear of falling.

Wow that sounds awful Kristin. Just curious how long does it last for you? Have you always had this, or did it develop later?

Sorry Kristin, I don't mean to steal the conversation but I have been wanting to ask this group if anyone has experienced muscle weakness? I don't have cataplexy attacks but I do however have severe muscle weakness constantly. I am extremely tired/weak and I must take breaks if climbing stairs or other physical activity. If I become nervous, scared, or excited my whole body feels like jello and I feel like I will collapse. I just wondered if anyone else feels this.

I'm just a person without n/c ( narcoplesy - cataplexy). I get frustrated watching my son dealing with cataplexy. Theres nothing that anyone can do but try to learn when an attack can happen and be prepared to catch him before he hits the ground. Most of his attacks have a %50 warning now. Once he's down make him comfortable protect him and keep talking to him. Being stuck is frustrating. Laughing is last on his list of triggers. Once he's down we welcome jokes funny stories because it gets him to relax. Must be a sight to see for strangers.. If he had an attack because he's been laughing then no jokes. Have to keep things normal