WANTED: Career in testing lazy-boy lounge and mattresses

VW Beetle car seat would fail the sleep test. Mine has to be dialed down. I love a bench in a truck on a long ferry ride. It seems I've always looked for a place to nap. At 15 I was a personal care attendant/homemaker. I would do my homework on the bed and fall asleep. I slept over weekends and needed to put the client on a bed pan. Sometimes I could not move and she'd be calling me. I was embarrassed but refused to tell her what was delaying me. As a Teacher's aide, I'd sleep in the staff room & wake with a stiff neck. I could make it mostly til after school to sleep. Now I can barely handle getting my own kid off to school & picking her up. A 4 hour position seems daunting. And stress escalates as I drive to work. Any ideas on how to manage work, family, volunteering, living & LWN?

Is your work, your child’s school, and volunteering far from home?

When I went to the sleep lab, I entered a room that had a big TV, a lazy-boy, and a big soft bed, all things I'd been avoiding! I'd been sleeping on a hard futon at home, had no TV, and mostly hard chairs. Now I accept that more than one nap a day might be necessary so I'm not fighting sleep so much. I plan the naps and take meds. Raising kids was tough but they made it and so did I. :)