There is a time and a season -- what's your season?

Does getting outside help you mentally or emotionally? Do you feel better during some seasons than others? Is summer your best time, or your worst? I'm a spring and fall person, myself.

It’s a struggle for me to get outside at all, too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter so I think in terms of looking out at my garden and walking there on a warm evening. I don’t like Autumn much though I enjoy the Autumn colours. I just don’t like the idea that my garden is dying back and only cold lies ahead. So I would say I feel best in the Spring when the bulbs are pushing up above the soil with the promise of warmth and colour to come.

Getting out gives me anxiety if I’m alone and I don’t know why but when I do go out I like spring weather. It’s too hot in the summer and to cold in the winter.